You need a real comb

It makes you health

These problems often suffer us

Feel anxious,hair loss,headache,take longer to fall asleep. These are all harming our health.



Hand polished with the natural horn

White buffalo horn is the best natural material for making comb, which is rare.Each comb is made of natural materials, with unique white corner spots or natural black lines. Every horn, every comb, is a natural gift.

No static electricity when combing hair

The white water horn comb does not cause static electricity. Every comb is made of best materials. It feels very comfortable

Use horn comb makes you healthy

The white buffalo horn is a traditional Chinese medicine.Using this kind comb can relax tension and fatigue.Regular use can reduce hair loss and eliminate dandruff. it also can relieve pain and itch, calm mind and strengthen brain, promote hair growth. Long term use can eliminate headache and other head diseases, keep clear mind, energetic and quick thinking


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Made of Natural white buffalo horn

A whole white buffalo horn, only made one comb. Every horn, every comb, is a natural gift. Each comb is unique.

Comb tooth distance 3 mm

The best distance of comb tooh. It's very comfortable to comb and don't hurt your hair.


The back of the comb can be used for scraping, relax your body and mind.

High grade Packing

High grade handmade wooden box, beautifully packaged.


  • Size
  • L size 22cmx5cmx3cm,M size 20cmx4cmx3cm.Weight around 100g.The size of each comb will be slightly different.
  • Color
  • White water horn comb is blue white
  • Smell
  • New comb whith the smell like burning feathers or hair,with the increase of time and proper maintenance the smell will disappear
  • Lins
  • White buffalo horn has natural radian and slight lins like crackle,this is not a quality issue
  • Daily maintenance
  • White buffalo horn is fragile, no falling
  • Horn is made up of protein just like human skin. When the weather is dry, there will be cracks in the horn comb. This is a normal phenomenon, not a quality problem. It takes a week to wipe with essential oil, olive oil or hand cream and dry with a soft cloth to maintain brightness
  • Do not touch hot water or warm water, it will be easy to deform and crack, and dry it in time when encountering water, if there is bending deformation, blow it with an electric blower, and then press it with a proper weight for a period of time to repair it
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Natural white buffalo horns hand polished top-grade comb

A whole white buffalo horn, only made one comb. Every horn, every comb, is a natural gift. Each comb is unique. It is hand polished with the natural radian of white buffalo horn The manual grinding time of each comb shall not be less than 4 hours, and at least...
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The comb was beautiful and amazing. I love the comb. I recommend to ereryone. Free 5 pcs kn95 mask, thanks seller.

Anne Le

I love the comb so much. I have used one week, just as i want it. It's some smelling when i received, but it's much better now


I've been buying comb from this company for awhile now and i jus love their comb. Great Quality, real White Buffalo Horn, this comb as a gift for my mother's birthday present, Thaks for 5 pcs mask


Really Good comb. Shipping 3 days! My girl friend love it so much! 5 star!


Lovely comb,goood quality,perfect size ,super fast delivery, many thanks to the seller


Love it


Im really very happy with this product, just like in the picture, i recomend this seller 100%, it was really wel pakt and very fast shipping, tank you
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